About Us - NZ Watercolour Artist - Darshani

Thank you for visiting my website, which is an ever-changing and growing collection, showcasing my products. 

My name is Darshani and I am an Artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. 


What art means to me...why I chose Colour Addiction as my brand...

Art - my passion, my addiction and stress relief. It is my motivation to keep learning new skills and to keep my current skills sharp. My ability to be more flexible, better let loose and go with the flow has come from my art through being less rigid with the brush and letting the medium do what it does best.

Art has made me more humble and appreciative of the blessings life has thrown at me. I have slowly started to develop a sense of confidence with experimenting with limited colour palettes, limited brushes, adapting and changing my art style. My art helps me learn to let go of the complications and open up creatively and as a person. To take criticism and learn from others. Art reminds me my life is overflowing with inspiration.

My background and what it brings to my paintings....

I am a mother of a beautiful three year old. My daughter's name is Meela. I also have two fur babies, Ari our dog and Cassius our cat. Motherhood brings seeing everything in a new light. I am always multitasking and I have a drive to fit in as much work as I can, dedicate my spare time to my art and refocus on myself. 

Art, to me, is unapologetically self indulgent. I am engrossed, all consumed and addicted. Being an artist and painting for a living feels selfish and at the same time is such hard work. It is very easy to push art aside to do something less consuming, but I love it so much, it is always in my life in some way.

I am a trained beauty and spa therapist. Beauty brings the holistic side to my art. I am able to hone in on the holistic feelings, stress relief, relaxation and balancing aspects. Harmony and feeling centered, using colours to create feeling and emotion. I want to bring this to the viewers of my art, for them to experience the art, not just see it but feel it.  I think a lot about harmony of a complete piece, the composition and colour palette should be considered to achieve balance. 

I have a diploma in Graphic design, this allows me to edit, manipulate and make my different traditional paintings more interesting by enhancing them digitally. I know the rules of good design and am learning when to break them. I use my experience in using professional editing tools to properly scan, edit and treat my art to get it print ready and to achieve a quality finish. 

One day I will teach art as I feel like it changed my life significantly and I want to share what I have learned and this joy with others, so they can experience what I have. 

I appreciate you reading this and viewing my collections. It is an honor to have my work adorn your space and for you to choose my work to gift to others.

Thank you x