Collection: Original Art For Sale

This is a changing and constantly growing online gallery of my original paintings. I love to work with a range of mediums including inks, watercolours, acrylic paints and pastel.

I take inspiration from my surroundings, the change in seasons, the beauty in nature and people in my life. My collections can range from loosely painted styles to more realistic detailed work. I let my feelings dictate the direction my paintings go and this is something that I am proud of, since it has been a process and a journey for me to be able to let go and paint what I feel. The colour palette I choose usually reflects my mood and although this is very personal, the way a painting makes people feel is very different to each individual. I love the thought that I can make others feel something unique to them when I share my artwork.

Recently I have been working on a lot of mixed media art and I’m really enjoying painting abstract and intuitive pieces. I hope you enjoy what I have listed so far, and be sure to watch out for new listings too. I also have a lovingly curated collection of original artwork available to purchase as giclee art prints, please head over to the art prints section on this website.

​Contact me if you would like to discuss framing options and sending any paintings to anyone as a wrapped gift. I can also work with you to create a commission painting based on reference photos or ideas. My studio is always full of new pieces, so please do get in touch if the original painting you have seen on Facebook or Instagram is not here in this gallery, as it may still be available.